ZeroChlor - Why it’s effective in heated pools or in very hot conditions

The Chlorine scenario.

When you dose chlorine into a pool, the chlorine breaks up into two components, chlorine gas and chlorine salts. The chlorine gas is the dis-infection agent while the salt is a by-product and nuisance in the filter. It usually gradually blocks the sand filter.

Normally the chlorine gas is volatile it will stay active in the pool for approximately 20 minutes. There after there is no or very little residual effect on the swimming pool water. Because of the volatility of the product it will have an even shorter active life span at higher temperatures. Any contamination of any kind that enters the facility after the twenty minutes will go untreated until the next dosing of the pool.

The ZeroChlor scenario:

When you dose the ZeroChlor into the swimming pool it will attack impurities and it will stay active for as long as there is product to react to the impurities. ZeroChlor is not volatile so the heat will not affect the efficacy of the product at all. This makes ZeroChlor a very effective product for indoor swimming pools.

ZeroChlor will reduce skin allergies and prevent ear infections. No more red or burning eyes while swimming in a pool treated with ZeroChlor.

With ZeroChlor there is no need for any special equipment....

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